Download Installer for Windows x64

This downloaded setup file will install the latest version of GibbsStudio. Follow the instructions during the setup.

Install Faqs

Questions about the installation

Is GibbsStudio only available for Windows 64?

Yes. If you are interested in a version of GibbsStudio for a different system please let us know, we are considering to provide it for other platforms.

How do I activate the license?

A trial license can be activated in the license window on the welcome screen. After buying a commercial license, the activation code can be used to activate the commercial license.

Do I need to install PHREEQC separately?

No, no need to install anything else. The latest version of PHREEQC is already included in GibbsStudio.

I did not succeed in the installation! What can I do?

Oops! Please, contact us and we'll try to figure out the problem.