Time for Geochemistry

A productive geochemical modelling framework based on PHREEQC.

Phreeqc and much more

GibbsStudio is a tool that allows you running Phreeqc (USGS geochemical code) models in a productive graphical environment

GibbsStudio is a framework for creating predominance plots, quantificate uncertainty and analyze the sensitivity of your parameters using Phreeqc as a core of computation

GibbsStudio is the definitive tool that will boost the quality of your geochemical studies


Productive environment

Geochemistry is a complex subject, but you will have the best tools on your side.

Have a structured overview of your model with the hierarchical relational tree viewer that allows you to change your simulation settings with a single click.
Worried about your existing PHREEQC models? Import PHREEQC models and databases without effort.
Easily change the input source for your model or plots and update your results.
Define your own parameters using mathematical expressions.
Plot & Report

Impress your audience

Dynamic plots! Find out what is consuming your protons faster than ever!

Dynamic plots

Modern 2D and 3D interactive big data plots help you analyse your problems with less effort

Mathematical expressions

Plot mathematical expression using the outputs of your model

Automatic updates

Automatic updates of your plots after running a simulation

Display lab data

Plot your model results with your imported lab data

Easy export

Export plots, tables and graphics straight into your report

Ready for the web

Export your graphs to a suitable web format

Parametric Analysis

Parametrize your models

Run many simulations covering a combination of parameters with the touch of a button.
Several functions are provided to automatically generate a range of values for each parameter.
Run your simulations in parallel and take advantage of your multi-core processor.
Support & Updates

Stay up-to-date

Frequent updates

Frequent updates with new features and bug fixes provided online.


Responsive feedback to technical questions.