GibbsStudio 3.0 Release

This new major version of GibbsStudio has arrived and brings amazing changes.

The focus for this release was on the modularization of GibbsStudio. Now you can load different modules that plug in different fuctionalities. Check the modules section for more details.

The new Akva module adds hydrochemical analysis and diagrams like Piper, Wilcox and Schoeller. New features like Stiff or Ionic Balance Reporting will be coming to this module in the nexts months.

Another major change is the creation of a free GibbsStudio version called Community. Check out the article for all the details.

This new version also comes with new features and improvements to the core of GibbsStudio:

  • Local Model Parameters: Models can now have their own set of parameters. This means that you can easily create duplicate models and change their values without any effort.
  • Separate Studies and Data Analysis: This new structure provides more clarity on the functionality of each one.
  • Revamping of the Example Browser and addition of new examples.

Download it now and discover all you can do with GibbsStudio.