Frequently Asked Questions

Here follows a list of frequent questions we received. If you have a question and you do not find it in the list please send an email to info at barcelonascience.com.

Do you offer trial license for Professional Version.

Yes. Please contact us and we will provide you a free trial month.

Is there an educational license?

Not formally but if you explain your situation to us, we can provide you with the licenses required for your courses.

Do I need to install also Phreeqc for running GibbsStudio?

No. GibbsStudio already comes with Phreeqc inside.

Which Phreeqc version uses GibbsStudio?

Usually the most recent one. You can check the version in the "About" menu by clicking on "About GibbsStudio."

I have no idea how GibbsStudio works. What can I do?

Check the tutorial video and take a look to the examples provided. The examples can help you to quickly learn the basics.

Do I need to know how Phreeqc works?

Absolutely!. Phreeqc is the computational engine, GibbsStudio can give you some help with the input and output generation but you need to know how Phreeqc works.

Do you provide courses?

Yes, we offer a one day quick start course where we explain how the software works and some tricks to boost your productivity. We expect that attendants know the Phreeqc basics.

Can I export plots also to vectorial formats?

Yes. Just choose svg extension when saving your plot image.