Introducing GibbsStudio


GibbsStudio is a geochemical modelling framework based on the geochemical simulator PHREEQC [PA+13] that increases the user’s productivity and extends the functionality of the original program:

  • User’s productivity is boosted by drastically reducing the postprocessing work, visualizing the simulation results directly in reusable plots and tables.

  • The PHREEQC input is extended with the option to add parameters. These parameters then can be used to run PHREEQC in Monte Carlo simulations, parameter fitting or other parametric simulations.

Technical Details

GibbsStudio is written in C++ and interacts directly with an embedded PHREEQC. Instead of using the PhreeqcLib Module [CP11], the library to deal with PHREEQC from external programs, provided by the USGS, GibbsStudio uses its own custom PHREEQC wrapper module. This tight coupling between these codes enables extended monitoring during the simulation and access to internal PHREEQC variables.

PHREEQC is bundled internally with GibbsStudio, so no separate installation is needed. New versions of PHREEQC are incorporated into GibbsStudio with regular software updates. The currently installed PHREEQC version can be verified in the “About” window.

GibbsStudio optimizes simulations on multi-core processors by running multiple PHREEQC simulations concurrently on different execution threads.