Installation and Updates

System Requirements

GibbsStudio is available for Windows 64 bit machines. Versions for different operating systems OS (MacOSX and Linux) are in development. If you would like to see these released, please let us know your interest at

Setup Installer

GibbsStudio is installed through the Online Installer Setup that can be downloaded from

After launching the installer, the user should follow the instructions until the installation has finished succesfully.

PHREEQC does not need to be installed separately, the latest version of PHREEQC is already included in GibbsStudio.

If you encountered issues with the installation please contact us at and we’ll try to help you solve the problem.

Install License

A trial license can be activated in the Trial License section of the welcome screen.

If you bought a commercial license, the activation code can be used in the activate the commercial license section.

If you want to modify your license settings you should launch “File->Application Settings…” window and click on “License” section. In the “Change License” you will see the available options.

Form License

Stay Updated

You can ensure you have the last version of GibbsStudio installed by clicking on “About->Check for Updates”.

Update Menu

Alternatively, You can launch the installer Setup “YOUR_INSTALLATION_PATH/Setup.exe” and select the “Update Components” option.