Pieces of a whole ecosystem

Everything in GibbsStudio happens in a unified environment but different modules are in charge of distinct functionalities.
Akva Module Icon


Akva Hydrochemistry Overview

Akva module tools for chemical sample data import and hydrochemical analysis:

  • Chemical data sample import manager: Easily import your csv or tab separated sample data
  • Piper, Schoeller and Wilcox Plot: Hydrogeochemical interactive diagrams for your analysis
Phreeqc Module Icon


Phreeqc Module Overview

Geochemical Phreeqc tools that boost your modelling:

  • Phreeqc Lab: Thermodynamic Database Management, Selected Outputs, Phreeqc Inputs... Parameterize your inputs and run them automatically thousands of times with different value sets
  • Phreeqc Study: Get your output files and the Selected Ouput data ready to be used in plots.
Predominance Module Icon


Predominance Module Overview

Predominance analysis tools:

  • Track Predominance Boundaries Study: Set mathematical predominance expressions and track their boundaries in the domain of interest.
  • Predominance Trace: Plot predominance of expressions. Mix the predominance trace with scatter of other traces.
Statistics Module Icon


Statistics Module Overview

The Statistical analysis tools:

  • Monte Carlo Study: Run studies thousands of times with random values taken from statistical distributions.
  • Univariant Statistics Analysis: Compute basic statistics of any variable
  • PCA Analysis: Understand and reduce your system complexity by using Principal Component Analysis
Optimization Module Icon


Optimization Module Overview

The Optimzation and Minimization Problem tools:

  • Ceres Study (minimization): Minimize a function or fit your models to lab data by using this study built on top of the Ceres, the optimization library from google