Time for Geochemistry

Geochemical tools in a unified data environment.
GibbsStudio Runnning Phreeqc Example

Geochemistry in mind

GibbsStudio is a software for Windows and MacOS designed with a geochemist's needs in mind. It allows you to manage your water chemistry samples data and run Phreeqc simulations in a unified productive graphical environment.

GibbsStudio is powered by several modules that provide different functionality like automatic parameter calibration, quantification of uncertainty, sensitivity analysis and predominance plots.

GibbsStudio dramatically reduces the time spent on pre- and post-processing and allows you to focus on geochemistry.


Components in an ecosystem

GibbsStudio is a framework that consists of a data management core enriched with geochemical and mathematical modules.

Each GibbsStudio module adds distinct functionalities to the data management ecosystem: discover all available modules here

GibbsStudio Community is free and comes with the two key modules: Phreeqc, for Phreeqc simulations, and Akva, for hydrochemical analysis.

GibbsStudio Professional is available under licensing license and provides access to other modules: Predominance, Statistics, Database and Optimization.

GibbsStudio Modules Overview

Boost your Phreeqc modelling

GibbsStudio brings your Phreeqc models to another level. Watch the video and discover how it can improve your modelling process.
GibbsStudio Phreeqc Module Overview
Sample Data Analysis

Water Sample Management

Import data from column based data or SQLite databases

Prepare your data before processing by filtering it. Easily automate your data workflow and save tons of time

Piper, Wilcox, Schoeller... A wide range of hydrochemical analysis to find chemical patterns in your water samples
Hydrochemistry Data Analysis: Piper, Wilcox
Big data environment

Power at your fingertips

GibbsStudio is built on top of state of the art algorithms to create a high performance data management environment with dynamic plots available with the press of a button

Dynamic plots

Modern 2D and 3D interactive big data plots help you analyse your problems with less effort

Mathematical expressions

Plot mathematical expression using the outputs of your model

Automatic updates

Automatic updates of your plots after changing your source data


Mix all your data

Data from modelling and chemical sample analysis can be plot together in standard plots or in a classical hydrochemical plots. The choice is yours!

Easy export

Export plots, tables and graphics straight into your report

Ready for the web

Export your graphs to a suitable web format

Support & Updates

Stay up-to-date

Frequent updates

Frequent updates with new features and bug fixes provided online.


Responsive feedback to technical questions.